School Committee Members Adam Sweeting, Christine Rafal, Paul Bockelman

Paul Bockelman, Christine Rafal and Adam Sweeting, former School Committee members from Wards 6, 4 & 3, respectively.

The three of us have served with Mark collectively for 18 years. Mark works closely with us and other School Committee members. He has contributed greatly to the improvement in the Somerville Public Schools. Mark is strong on both the ‘nuts and bolts’ as well as the ‘big picture’ parts of the job. He would be an outstanding Alderman for Ward 5.

DomenicSiracoAndMark.jpg MadelineDunnAndMark.JPG

Mark has done a great job representing Ward 5 on the School Committee for the past eight years. He’s improved our schools. He helps parents get what their children need. He works well with his colleagues to get things done. Mark asks tough questions, listens to constituents, works with them to make the changes they want.  And he follows through.

- Domenic Siraco (left) and Madeline Dunn (right)

Joe Lynch and Mark

Joe Lynch on Greater Somerville.jpg

Joe Lynch endorses Mark Niedergang on his SCAT show "Greater Somerville" at frame 7:00

We need a strong, experienced, consistent and loyal advocate in this fight who knows how to advocate for constituents. For eight years Mark has earned the praise and support of his constituents --- not just parents, but from all voters who have continued to return him to office. He has shown not just a maturity in his advocacy of our rights and needs to City Hall, but has shown he does not have to bend to outside interests to get the job done.

- Joe Lynch, Founder, Magoun Square Neighborhood Association, and Mark

I grew up in Somerville and have seen big changes over the past 30 years. Mark and I share respect for Somerville’s working-class traditions, lifelong residents and close-knit community. We also appreciate the contributions of artists, professionals and immigrants. Mark will work to keep the best of traditional Somerville, while embracing the energy and talent that newcomers bring.

John Perrone

Lifelong Somerville resident, Highland Avenue

John Perrone

Franklin Dalembert

Mark has been working for affordable housing, good local jobs, public safety, and the Green Line extension for decades. He insists that our city government be responsive and fair to people from all backgrounds. Mark has worked closely with me for 20 years on issues of concern to the Haitian and immigrant communities.

Franklin Dalembert

Jackson Road

Mark’s family and my family are neighbors and friends. Mark and I share a passion for young people and education. We talk a lot about issues in the Somerville schools. Mark does more listening than talking. Mark wants to understand my concerns and experience as a teacher so he can be a better School Committee member. I know that as Ward 5 Alderman, he would do the same for city workers and constituents.

Adda Santos

History teacher, Somerville High School

Conwell Street resident

Adda Santos

Catherine D'Andrea

I’ve lived in Somerville for 70 years. I’ve known Mark for the last 20. Mark really cares about people and wants to help them. Mark is a hard worker and therefore he is always busy. But he makes time to help me when I need it.

Catherine D’Andrea

Main Street

Mark Niedergang with John "Jack" Leutcher, former President of the Somerville Police Employee's Association

Mark Niedergang with John "Jack" Leutcher, former President of the Somerville Police Employee's Association



I’ve been a parent leader at the Healey School for seven years. I love the Healey and wanted all students to have an exciting and dynamic educational program. As Chair of the School Committee, Mark led a difficult decision-making process about the future of the Healey School. The School Committee voted to redesign the Healey along progressive principles and now we are all pulling in the same direction. I trust Mark when it comes to making tough decisions for Ward 5 and Somerville.

Donene Williams

Cedar Street


In the early 1990’s, racism and violence were threatening to tear our schools and our community apart. I helped organize a coalition of dozens of city and community leaders called the “Count On Me” campaign. Mark brought energy and compassion to “Count on Me.” Later, Mark came to work in my office, where he developed the Somerville Conversations, which engaged hundreds of people from different backgrounds in small-group discussions about improving life in Somerville. I know how much Mark cares about our city.

Ralph Hergert

Director of the Mayor’s Office of Human Services under Mayor Mike Capuano




We all know that kids learn languages faster when they are younger. When Mark joined the School Committee in 2006, foreign language instruction didn’t start until high school. We are so grateful that Mark started a planning process to improve the schools that involved parents, teachers, and administrators. Now, my 5th grader and 8th grader are taking Spanish! And I know from my involvement with the Brown School PTA that Mark is a great listener, and wants input from everyone involved.

Alex Feldman

Rogers Avenue

Involving parents in their children’s education

I have two daughters at the Kennedy School. In 2007, Mark proposed hiring a volunteer coordinator and parent liaisons for each school. He developed a plan and worked with his colleagues on the School Committee and the Superintendent to make it happen. Now there’s someone at the Kennedy and every elementary school who can help parents be more involved in our children’s education, including those parents who don’t speak English.

Emily Leadholm

Eastman Road

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