Invitation: Join us to defeat Trump & turn our country around -- Weds May 27, 7-8 PM

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WEDNESDAY, MAY 27, 7-8 PM in the evening (sign-up below)

Short presentation, questions and discussion, request for funds  

Open to all: Invite your family and friends -- please forward this invitation!


Marya Axner, Dena Brody, Ed Brody, Nancy Bernhard, Fred Berman,

Jim Campen, Ben Ewen-Campen, Alex Feldman, Janet Gottler,

Harris Gruman, Matthew Hochman, Enid Kumin, Ulysses Lateiner,

Christopher Lay, David Margolin, Mark Niedergang, Surjeet Paintal,

Jay Plumb, Lori Segall, Bill Shelton, Thalia Tringo, Howard Wolfe, Sara Zucker

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With the November 3, 2020 election less than six months away, many of us are trying to figure out what we can do now to have the greatest impact to defeat President Trump and win control of the U.S. Senate for the Democrats.  Please join us to learn about a unique and powerful response to our current political crisis: the Movement Voter Project (MVP). 

We believe MVP provides the most effective way to use our money to win the 2020 elections and move our country in the right direction for years to come. 

MVP raises funds for the strongest local, community-based groups, reaching those voters who most need to be engaged, especially in the crucial swing states that will determine the outcome of the 2020 Presidential election -- Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, and Arizona.

These groups:

  1. Mobilize, register and turn out the hardest-to-reach, low-turnout voters - especially people of color and young people - whose participation in November may well spell the difference between victory and defeat for Joe Biden and key Democratic Senate candidates; and 
  2. Are deeply rooted in their communities, with strong leadership and well-established relationships and networks.  They are already working year-round to address the issues and concerns that their constituents care about most.

On November 4, political campaigns will begin folding up their tents and disbanding.  However, no matter who our next President is, the groups MVP supports will continue to advocate for progressive policies and to empower and help their constituents.  These groups need our help now more than ever, as they shift to reaching out to voters virtually. To learn more about MVP’s approach and how it supports and works with these community organizations, come to our webinar or check out the links below.

Note: All funds contributed go to the local organizations in swing states doing voter mobilization work.


Please RSVP for this virtual house party by registering with Zoom here You will receive a login link to be used at the time of the party on May 27.  If you are new to Zoom, see this simple 1-pager on RSVP’ing and Joining a Virtual House Party

If you can’t attend our webinar, please consider donating to MVP here

If you prefer to donate by check, please make your check out to Movement Voter Project and mail to:

Movement Voter Project

ATTN: Robbie (EMA052720MN)

P.O. Box 749

Northampton, MA 01061 

To learn more about MVP:

Mark Niedergang, Ward 5 City Councilor

(617) 629-8033
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